Wonderful Life


Hello, and pleasant to my new website and blog. I’m expecting to make this an interactive place where readers can come to share their applying for grants my stories. You may let me know very well what you liked, what you didn’t, or what you might be interested in experiencing in future series. Or you can talk about your ideas on characters and how they’ve discovered and grown during the period of a e book. One of the most gratifying part of writing for me is experiencing that my tales have interested or inspired readers in some way, so I’m getting excited about reading any thoughts you’re prepared to share.

I’m a reader myself, and both my writing and reading give a means of evade for me. Sometimes life can be baffling, tough, or simply plain old boring. Reviews help us break away from everyday life for a short moment, and be part of another world. I hope the worlds of the bear shifters in my tales will entertain you and offer you with a reprieve from the normal.

From this point forward, I’m going to attempt to share a short blog post about each era together with you. I would discuss my own favorite elements of the publication, or perhaps a bit of the back-story for how I found the enthusiasm for that particular work. I’m hoping to release the next publication this arriving weekend. So, be looking out for that, as well as for a post about the e book.

For the time being, happy reading, and see you soon!